Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pickemfirst?

Pickemfirst is your fantasy sports assistant.
It will help you identify the best available players in your fantasy league, giving you the chance to pick them up before your competitors.
Pickemfirst saves you a ton of time when managing your fantasy teams and makes it easy to manage multiple fantasy teams on different websites.

Pickemfirst is a software that you install on your computer.
Pickemfirst takes the appearance of a toolbar in Internet Explorer, an add-on in Mozilla Firefox and extensions in Google Chrome and Safari. The names are different but the features are identical on all browsers.

Pickemfirst is also available on mobile phones.

2. How do I install Pickemfirst ?

Visit and create an account.

Then you need to download one of our browser extensions.
Follow the links to install either our Internet Explorer Toolbar, our Firefox Add-on or our extenions for Google Chrome and Safari. You might need to close and re-open your browser

3. How do I import my fantasy teams ?

Click the "Leagues" menu and then the "Add League" button for your sport.

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your league details.
You might have to provide your login information if the league setup requires it.

You can add as many teams as you want by repeating the previous steps.

4. Which websites do you support ?

for NFL: Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS Sports,,, RealTime Fantasy Sports, FleaFlicker and Fox.

for MLB: Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS Sports and RealTime Fantasy Sports.

for NBA and NHL: Yahoo!, ESPN and CBS Sports.

5. How does Pickemfirst work?

6. What are the icons that Pickemfirst inserts in web pages ?

Pickemfirst highlights all the names it recognizes on the web page using color coded icons:

means the player is available in at least one of your leagues
means the player is not available in any of your leagues
means you own the player in at least one of your leagues

Big icons means that Pickemfirst found a player's last name and first name, identifying a certain match.

Small icons means that Pickemfirst found only a player's last name, identifying a potential match. This will happen when there is only a last name provided, or when the first and last name do no match a player in our database.

When you click an icon that matches a single player, Pickemfirst will bring up the popup for that player:

When you click an icon that has several matches, Pickemfirst will ask you to select among them:

7. Which information is available inside Pickemfirs popup window ?

Once you have opened the popup window, Pickemfirst will give you a lot of information to help you decide whether this particular player should be added to or dropped from your fantasy team. Click on the following tabs to access this information:

Here are all the tabs that are currently available:

Leagues: shows you the availability of this players in your own fantasy leagues.
News: shows you the latest RotoWire updates.
Stats: shows you this player's recent game statistics (only for NFL and MLB).
Trends: shows you the evolution of this player's performance over several games.
Blogs: lists all the blogs that recently mentioned this player.
Ranks: shows you the latest experts' rankings (only for NFL).

8. How do I disable the auto-loading feature ?

Auto loading is turned ON by default for all browser extensions, but there is a way to disable it.
Click here to find more about this feature.

9. Can I manually search for a specific player ?

Yes. Even though Pickemfirst does not have a search box but you can use any search engine, like Google or Bing.
And then run Pickemfirst on the results page:

10. Does Pickemfirst work on mobile phones ?

Yes, we have a solution for iPhones and iPads.

11. How many teams can I manage with Pickemfirst ?

By default Pickemfirst Pro includes 5 teams per sport, but you have the option to purchase as many teams as you want.

The following example shows you how simple it is to check 6 leagues at once:

12. What are favorite teams ?

If you have more than one league for a given sport, you have the option to set one team as favorite.
To pick your favorite team, go to the Pickemfirst website, select the "Leagues" tab and click the star icons on the left.
Favorite teams are marked with a gold star.

Pickemfirst will only look at the favorite team when inserting icons in a web page.
In this example, the favorite team is the Yahoo one (see the gold star).
Josh Willingham belongs to the Yahoo team so a blue icon is inserted in the page:

If you change the favorite team to the ESPN one (where the same player is available), the icons turns to green:

Setting ateam as favorite enables you to focus all your attention on it for a period of time.
Later, when you want to switch to a different team, all you need to do is click on the star icons.

13. How do Pickemfirst player notes work ?

The following video shows you how to create personal notes with the Pickemfirst Firefox extension.
It works exactly in the same way in Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome.

14. Why should I upgrade to Pickemfirst Pro ?

Pickemfirst Pro gives you all these advanced features for a low price:

1. League Imports

Pickemfirst Pro lets you import your fantasy teams.

By default we include 5 teams per sport, and you can purchase additional teams for $1 each.
2. More Statistics (NFL and MLB only)

Pickemfirst Basic shows you players' statistics for the last two NFL and MLB games...

while Pickemfirst Pro displays up to 8 games!
3. RotoWire's Player News

With Pickemfirst Basic, you have access to RotoWire's Player Notes...

With Pickemfirst Pro, you also get RotoWire's Player Analysis!

15. How do I upgrade to Pickemfirst Pro ?

Solution Graphics

Visit this upgrade page and select an package.
You will be redirected to Paypal where you can complete the transaction.

16. What happened to the free version ?

Starting in 2014, the free version of Pickemfirst no longer allows you to access your leagues with the browser extensions.

The browser extensions still deliver free player news and statistics, but you will need to Upgrade to Pickemfirst PRO in order to have access to the gray and blue player icons.

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