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Pickemfirst is shutting down.

We will not offer products for MLB and NFL in 2017.

As a replacement, we suggest you try FantasyPros Premium.
Their Research Assistant (part of My Playbook) is a bookmarklet with the same features as Pickemfirst's browser extensions.
It also includes Draft Wizard an award winning tool that will help you before and during your draft.

Old Products:

Pro NFL'16

No longer for sale.

Pro MLB'16

No longer for sale.
Pro NBA'17


expires July 2017
includes 5 teams

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buy more NBA teams
Pro NHL'17


expires July 2017
includes 5 teams

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buy more NHL teams
All 4 sports


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59% discount and you get:
  • Pro NFL'16 (exp. Feb. 2017)
  • Pro MLB'16 (exp. Nov. 2016)
  • Pro NBA'17 (exp. July 2017)
  • Pro NHL'17 (exp. July 2017)
  • and 5 leagues for each.

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1. League Imports

Pickemfirst Pro lets you import your fantasy teams.

By default we include 5 teams per sport, and you can purchase additional teams for $1 each.
2. More Statistics (NFL and MLB only)

Pickemfirst Basic shows you players' statistics for the last two NFL and MLB games...

while Pickemfirst Pro displays up to 8 games!
3. RotoWire's Player News

With Pickemfirst Basic, you have access to RotoWire's Player Notes...

With Pickemfirst Pro, you also get RotoWire's Player Analysis!
4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pickemfirst will offer a refund of your subscription if you are not completely satisfied with our service.
To request a refund, simply email within 2 weeks of your payment.

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