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Sep 28: Jayson Werth
Werth isn't in the starting lineup Monday against the Reds, William Ladson of MLB.com reports.
Sep 27: Jayson Werth
Werth is out of the lineup for Sunday's game against the Phillies.
Sep 2640100120
Sep 25: Jayson Werth
Werth was 2-for-4 with a home run and two RBI in a losing cause against Philadelphia on Friday night.
Sep 2541212000
Sep 2440000010
Sep 2340000010
Sep 2240000020
Sep 2041102020
Sep 1920000210
Sep 1841100020
Sep 1731100110
Sep 17: Jayson Werth
Werth had his second two-homer game in three days Wednesday as the Nationals down the Phillies 12-2.
Sep 16@PHI43322100
Sep 15@PHI30000120
Sep 15: Jayson Werth
Werth went 2-for-6 with a grand slam and solo homer in Monday's 8-7 win over the Phillies.
Sep 14@PHI62225010
Sep 13@MIA31101200
Sep 12@MIA30000120
Sep 11@MIA40100100
Sep 09NYM30000100
Sep 08NYM50200030
Sep 07NYM50201000
Sep 06ATL51113010
Sep 05ATL31100100
Sep 04ATL50200010
Sep 03ATL42100000
Sep 03: Jayson Werth
Werth went 1-for-5 with a solo home run in a 4-3 win over the Cardinals on Wednesday.
Sep 02@STL51111020
Sep 01@STL51200010
Aug 31@STL40200120
Aug 31: Jayson Werth
Werth drew a walk, doubled, and homered as part of a two-run, three-RBI effort in Sunday's win over the Marlins.
Aug 30MIA42213100
Aug 29MIA30000100
Aug 28MIA41100010
Aug 27: Jayson Werth
Werth went 2-for-4 with a homer, a walk and two runs against the Padres on Thursday.
Aug 27SD42211100
Aug 26SD41000110
Aug 25SD40100100
Aug 23MIL32100220
Aug 22MIL40201010
Aug 22: Jayson Werth
Werth was a late add to the Nationals' lineup Saturday and he will occupy the leadoff spot, the Washington Post's Chelsea Janes reports.
Aug 21MIL40100000
Aug 20@COL40000010
Aug 20: Jayson Werth
Werth doubled, tripled and drove home two runs Wednesday in Colorado.
Aug 19@COL50202020
Aug 18@COL53200110
Aug 18: Jayson Werth
Werth will bat leadoff Tuesday against the Rockies.
Aug 16@SF20000110
Aug 15@SF31100100
Aug 14@SF10000000
Aug 14: Jayson Werth
Werth is out of the lineup Friday against San Francisco.
Aug 12@LAD30000020
Aug 11@LAD40000000
Aug 10@LAD51102020
Aug 09: Jayson Werth
Werth went 2-for-4 with a solo homer and a walk on Sunday against the Rockies.
Aug 09COL42211110
Aug 09: Jayson Werth
Werth is back in the lineup Sunday against the Rockies.
Aug 08: Jayson Werth
Werth is out of the lineup Saturday against the Rockies.
Aug 07COL30001000
Aug 06ARI51000010
Aug 05ARI30001010
Aug 04ARI41101000
Aug 03ARI10000000
Aug 03: Jayson Werth
Werth is out of the lineup Monday against the Diamondbacks, Dan Kolko of MASN reports.
Aug 02@NYM40100010
Aug 01@NYM30000110
Jul 31@NYM50100020
Jul 30@MIA10000000
Jul 30: Jayson Werth
Werth is out of the lineup Thursday against the Marlins, MLB.com's William Ladson reports.
Jul 29@MIA41100010
Jul 28@MIA40100010
Jul 28: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) has been activated from the DL and is in the lineup Tuesday against the Marlins, Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post reports.
Jul 27: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) will rejoin the Nationals in Miami on Tuesday, James Wagner of the Washington Post reports.
Jul 26: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) went 3-for-4 with a double and two RBI in his eighth rehab game Saturday while playing left field at Triple-A Syracuse.
Jul 22: Jayson Werth
While Werth (wrist) has already played in five rehab games, manager Matt Williams believes it is unlikely he will return this weekend, CSN's Mark Zuckerman reports.
Jul 21: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) went 1-for-3 with a single in Monday's rehab game for Triple-A Syracuse.
Jul 19: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) will move his rehab assignment to Triple-A Syracuse on Monday, MLB.com's William Ladson reports.
Jul 18: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) will be in the lineup at High-A Potomac on Saturday, Chase Hughes of CSN Washington reports.
Jul 16: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) will begin a rehab assignment with High-A Potomac on Thursday.
Jul 10: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) got in some "extensive outfield work" in Friday at the team's spring training facility, but continues to swing a lighter than normal bat, Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post reports.
Jul 07: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) did some tee work Tuesday and said the pain in his wrist is gone, Will Ladson of MLB.com reports.
Jul 05: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) swung a fungo bat Saturday, James Wagner of the Washington Post reports.
Jun 21: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) has begun light baseball-related activities, the Washington Post reports.
Jun 05: Jayson Werth
Werth (wrist) said Wednesday his goal is to return Aug. 1, the Washington Post reports. "My goal is to be back with the club August 1," Werth said. "Whether it's realistic or not I don't know. Everyone heals at their own rate. I've been assured that when it stops hurting I'll be good to go. I'll let pain be my guide."
May 28: Jayson Werth
A CT scan on Werth's wrist Thursday revealed two fractures, MLB.com's Bill Ladson reports.
May 15@SD11100000
May 14@SD51200020
May 13@ARI42113100
May 12@ARI51100000
May 11@ARI21001100
May 10ATL30000120
May 09ATL31100220
May 08ATL42211000
May 04MIA50201000
May 03@NYM41000110
May 02@NYM40100010
May 01@NYM40000010
Apr 30@NYM52201000
Apr 29@ATL41101120
Apr 28@ATL30002020
Apr 27@ATL40000120
Apr 26@MIA40000020
Apr 25@MIA40200010
Apr 24@MIA30000100
Apr 22STL30101010
Apr 21STL40100120
Apr 19PHI31101100
Apr 17PHI50000000
Apr 16PHI41100010
Apr 15@BOS41100100
Apr 14@BOS41000020
Apr 13@BOS30000010
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