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Nov 03: Carlos Santana
The Indians will pick up the $12 million team option on Santana's contract for next season, Jon Heyman of Today's Knuckleball reports.
Oct 28: Carlos Santana
Santana is the starting left fielder for the Indians' World Series matchup against the Cubs on Friday, Jerry Crasnick of ESPN reports.
Oct 27: Carlos Santana
Santana will likely start in left field for Game 3 against the Cubs, Zack Meisel of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.
Oct 25: Carlos Santana
The Indians are considering Santana as a potential option in left field for the World Series games at Wrigley Field, FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports.
Oct 02@KC31000110
Oct 01@KC30200210
Sep 30@KC52302000
Sep 29: Carlos Santana
Santana is out of Thursday's lineup against the Tigers, the Akron Beacon Journal's Ryan Lewis reports.
Sep 28@DET20202100
Sep 27@DET40000010
Sep 26@DET41100110
Sep 25CWS40100010
Sep 24CWS40000000
Sep 23CWS42300100
Sep 23: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-4 with a three-run homer and an RBI double in Thursday's 5-2 win over the Royals.
Sep 22KC31214100
Sep 21KC51401000
Sep 20: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-4 with a solo homer in a 2-1 win over the Royals on Tuesday.
Sep 20KC41111000
Sep 18DET42211010
Sep 17DET20000310
Sep 17: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-5 with a two-RBI single in Friday's 11-4 victory over the Tigers.
Sep 16DET51202010
Sep 15@CWS40100010
Sep 14@CWS31000110
Sep 13@CWS40100000
Sep 12@CWS30100100
Sep 11@MIN41213100
Sep 10@MIN50100000
Sep 09@MIN40000100
Sep 08: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-4 with a walk and a two-run homer in Thursday's game against the Astros.
Sep 08HOU42212100
Sep 07HOU20000310
Sep 06HOU41211020
Sep 05HOU30000110
Sep 04MIA31000210
Sep 03MIA41101100
Sep 02MIA11001300
Aug 31: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-4 with a homer, two RBI and two runs against the Twins on Wednesday.
Aug 31MIN42212000
Aug 30MIN20000200
Aug 29MIN40000000
Aug 28@TEX20000210
Aug 27@TEX30000100
Aug 26@TEX41300110
Aug 25@TEX30100000
Aug 24@OAK40100110
Aug 23@OAK30000010
Aug 22: Carlos Santana
Santana hit a solo home run in a 1-for-3 game with a walk in Monday's win over Oakland.
Aug 22@OAK31111100
Aug 21TOR41200010
Aug 20TOR31000110
Aug 19TOR20000200
Aug 18CWS31200010
Aug 17CWS41211101
Aug 16CWS40100000
Aug 15BOS40000010
Aug 14LAA40100010
Aug 14: Carlos Santana
Santana (head) is back in the lineup Sunday against the Angels, MLB.com's Jordan Bastian reports. He'll play first base and serve as the Indians' leadoff hitter.
Aug 13: Carlos Santana
Santana (head) is not in the lineup Saturday but he has been cleared to play and he'll be available off the bench, Jordan Bastian of MLB.com reports.
Aug 12: Carlos Santana
Santana (head) was able to partake in some pregame activities Friday but the team still hasn't ruled out the possibility of placing him on the 7-day DL, MLB.com reports.
Aug 11: Carlos Santana
Santana exited Thursday's game with a head contusion, MLB.com's Jordan Bastian reports.
Aug 11LAA41111000
Aug 10@WSH10000000
Aug 10: Carlos Santana
Santana is out of the lineup Wednesday in Washington.
Aug 09@WSH40000030
Aug 07@NYY50000020
Aug 06@NYY40200110
Aug 05@NYY40100110
Aug 04MIN41113000
Aug 03MIN40000000
Aug 02: Carlos Santana
Santana went 3-for-4 with a walk and his 23rd home run of the season Tuesday versus the Twins.
Aug 02MIN41312100
Aug 01MIN41100010
Jul 31OAK40000110
Jul 30OAK40000010
Jul 30: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-3 with a solo homer, walk and two runs in Friday's 5-3 come-from-behind victory over the A's.
Jul 29OAK32111100
Jul 27WSH40000020
Jul 26WSH30001000
Jul 24@BAL30000120
Jul 23@BAL20100200
Jul 22@BAL40000010
Jul 20@KC31111310
Jul 19@KC40102000
Jul 18@KC30000110
Jul 17@MIN51100000
Jul 16@MIN51302000
Jul 15@MIN50100040
Jul 10NYY51200010
Jul 09NYY50202020
Jul 08NYY41111020
Jul 07NYY41100010
Jul 06DET30100100
Jul 05DET32111210
Jul 04DET20101200
Jul 03@TOR41200010
Jul 02@TOR31211100
Jul 01@TOR82211110
Jun 30@TOR40100000
Jun 29@ATL10000000
Jun 28@ATL41201110
Jun 27@ATL10101000
Jun 26@DET50000020
Jun 25@DET32111110
Jun 24@DET51201010
Jun 22TB32202101
Jun 21TB40000010
Jun 20TB42212000
Jun 19CWS50100010
Jun 18CWS51100100
Jun 17CWS41111020
Jun 15@KC40000000
Jun 14@KC31111210
Jun 13@KC30000100
Jun 12@LAA52223000
Jun 11@LAA31201110
Jun 10@LAA41101010
Jun 09@SEA31000210
Jun 08@SEA40000030
Jun 07@SEA40100000
Jun 06@SEA41200010
Jun 05KC41212020
Jun 04KC50000010
Jun 03KC30000100
Jun 02KC50100000
Jun 01TEX40100100
May 31TEX30100100
May 30TEX40000000
May 29BAL51111000
May 28BAL51201001
May 27BAL40000120
May 25@CWS40200000
May 24@CWS30001100
May 23@CWS40100010
May 23@CWS41000100
May 22@BOS40000100
May 21@BOS31111100
May 20@BOS31100210
May 19@CIN42224110
May 18@CIN10000000
May 17CIN42202200
May 16CIN31101100
May 15MIN50100010
May 14MIN30000100
May 13MIN40100010
May 11@HOU60201110
May 10@HOU31000120
May 09@HOU40100010
May 08KC41111100
May 07KC40000000
May 06KC40000110
May 05DET40100010
May 04DET21100210
May 03DET21000200
May 01@PHI31111100
Apr 30@PHI30000110
Apr 27@MIN42300101
Apr 26@MIN41101010
Apr 25@MIN41200000
Apr 24@DET50000010
Apr 23@DET50201000
Apr 22@DET41211000
Apr 21SEA41100110
Apr 20SEA30100010
Apr 19SEA40000000
Apr 17NYM40000020
Apr 16NYM21000201
Apr 15NYM31112200
Apr 14@TB50000010
Apr 13@TB30101010
Apr 12@TB40000000
Apr 09@CWS40000020
Apr 08@CWS40102000
Apr 06BOS31213100
Apr 05BOS31100100
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