Carlos Santana
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Oct 04BOS30000120
Oct 03: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-3 with a double and a solo homer in Saturday's 2-0 victory over the Red Sox.
Oct 03BOS31211100
Oct 02BOS32203210
Oct 01MIN40000020
Sep 30MIN40201010
Sep 30MIN40000010
Sep 28MIN40000000
Sep 27@KC30000000
Sep 26: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-5 with a triple and three RBI in Saturday's 9-5 victory over the Royals.
Sep 26@KC50103030
Sep 25@KC20000320
Sep 24: Carlos Santana
Santana hit a three-run homer and drew two walks Thursday in a win over the Twins.
Sep 24@MIN31113200
Sep 24: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-4 with a two-run homer in Wednesday's 4-2 loss to the Twins.
Sep 23@MIN41112000
Sep 22@MIN40000010
Sep 20CWS40000010
Sep 19CWS30100120
Sep 18: Carlos Santana
Santana was 1-for-4 with a grand slam home run in the Indians' win over the White Sox on Friday night.
Sep 18CWS41114120
Sep 18: Carlos Santana
Santana went 3-for-5 with a double and a run scored in an 8-4 loss to the Royals on Thursday.
Sep 17KC51300000
Sep 16KC20100201
Sep 15KC30000110
Sep 14KC31100210
Sep 13DET31100100
Sep 13DET41100021
Sep 10DET40100100
Sep 09@CWS40100100
Sep 08@CWS20100200
Sep 07@CWS40000020
Sep 06@DET40101010
Sep 05@DET20000210
Sep 04@DET31100200
Sep 02@TOR30101010
Sep 01@TOR40100100
Aug 31@TOR31100110
Aug 30: Carlos Santana
Santana went 3-for-4 with two doubles, three RBI and one run Sunday against the Angels.
Aug 30LAA41303000
Aug 29: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-4 with a double, an RBI and two runs scored in an 8-3 win over the Angels on Saturday.
Aug 29LAA42201000
Aug 28LAA40101000
Aug 26MIL50100010
Aug 25MIL50101020
Aug 24@CHC30101001
Aug 23: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-4 with a two-run homer in Sunday's victory over the Yankees.
Aug 23@NYY41112100
Aug 22@NYY30000110
Aug 21@NYY52112020
Aug 20@NYY21000210
Aug 19@BOS40000010
Aug 18@BOS40100010
Aug 17@BOS52211020
Aug 16@MIN40100000
Aug 15@MIN31100100
Aug 14@MIN50000010
Aug 13NYY40201101
Aug 12NYY41200010
Aug 11NYY50102110
Aug 09MIN30102000
Aug 08MIN41101210
Aug 07MIN21001300
Aug 05@LAA30000100
Aug 04@LAA50000020
Aug 03@LAA40201020
Aug 02@OAK40100020
Aug 01@OAK40000010
Jul 31@OAK40100010
Jul 30@OAK31112120
Jul 29KC31100200
Jul 28KC30100111
Jul 27KC41111010
Jul 26CWS40100020
Jul 25CWS41100010
Jul 24CWS30000010
Jul 23CWS40000020
Jul 22@MIL30201200
Jul 21@MIL20100210
Jul 19@CIN50000010
Jul 18@CIN32201201
Jul 17@CIN40101000
Jul 12OAK30000000
Jul 11OAK41212001
Jul 10OAK31200101
Jul 09HOU30201100
Jul 08HOU30001100
Jul 07HOU30200010
Jul 06HOU41100020
Jul 05@PIT21000100
Jul 04@PIT30000000
Jul 03@PIT10000010
Jul 02@TB40000020
Jul 01@TB32100110
Jun 30@TB31100110
Jun 29@TB40100120
Jun 28@BAL40000000
Jun 28@BAL40000010
Jun 26@BAL41111010
Jun 24DET41202110
Jun 23DET40100010
Jun 22DET40100000
Jun 21TB30000000
Jun 20TB30100110
Jun 19TB40000010
Jun 18CHC40000030
Jun 17CHC30000110
Jun 16@CHC31214200
Jun 14@DET40000010
Jun 13@DET41111120
Jun 12@DET40000010
Jun 11SEA40000010
Jun 10SEA40100110
Jun 09SEA40100000
Jun 07BAL40000110
Jun 06BAL31101100
Jun 05BAL20000200
Jun 04@KC41200020
Jun 03@KC40100000
Jun 02@KC30100100
May 31@SEA50200201
May 27TEX32113200
May 26TEX30000100
May 25TEX32111210
May 24CIN51201010
May 23CIN30100110
May 22CIN50101000
May 21@CWS41001110
May 16@TEX40001110
May 15@TEX50000020
May 14STL40000010
May 13STL11000400
May 12STL50200030
May 10MIN41203010
May 09MIN50000000
May 08MIN41101000
May 07@KC32111110
May 06@KC32101120
May 05@KC31000110
May 03TOR21201300
May 02TOR40001100
May 01TOR51100010
Apr 30TOR40100010
Apr 29KC10000300
Apr 28KC21100200
Apr 27KC40000000
Apr 26@DET32201100
Apr 25@DET30100100
Apr 24@DET33102200
Apr 22@CWS30000110
Apr 21@CWS31111101
Apr 20@CWS40000010
Apr 19@MIN41111000
Apr 18@MIN40100000
Apr 17@MIN50000011
Apr 15CWS40101010
Apr 14CWS30000110
Apr 12DET51201010
Apr 11DET32100210
Apr 10DET30202110
Apr 09@HOU30001220
Apr 08@HOU41111010
Apr 06@HOU30100110
September 201472198511.233
August 20140000
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June 20140000
May 20140000
April 20140000
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