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Oct 04BOS30000120
Oct 03: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-3 with a double and a solo homer in Saturday's 2-0 victory over the Red Sox.
Oct 03BOS31211100
Oct 02BOS32203210
Oct 01MIN40000020
Sep 30MIN40201010
Sep 30MIN40000010
Sep 28MIN40000000
Sep 27@KC30000000
Sep 26: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-5 with a triple and three RBI in Saturday's 9-5 victory over the Royals.
Sep 26@KC50103030
Sep 25@KC20000320
Sep 24: Carlos Santana
Santana hit a three-run homer and drew two walks Thursday in a win over the Twins.
Sep 24@MIN31113200
Sep 24: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-4 with a two-run homer in Wednesday's 4-2 loss to the Twins.
Sep 23@MIN41112000
Sep 22@MIN40000010
Sep 20CWS40000010
Sep 19CWS30100120
Sep 18: Carlos Santana
Santana was 1-for-4 with a grand slam home run in the Indians' win over the White Sox on Friday night.
Sep 18CWS41114120
Sep 18: Carlos Santana
Santana went 3-for-5 with a double and a run scored in an 8-4 loss to the Royals on Thursday.
Sep 17KC51300000
Sep 16KC20100201
Sep 15KC30000110
Sep 14KC31100210
Sep 13DET31100100
Sep 13DET41100021
Sep 10DET40100100
Sep 09@CWS40100100
Sep 08@CWS20100200
Sep 07@CWS40000020
Sep 06@DET40101010
Sep 05@DET20000210
Sep 04@DET31100200
Sep 02@TOR30101010
Sep 01@TOR40100100
Aug 31@TOR31100110
Aug 30: Carlos Santana
Santana went 3-for-4 with two doubles, three RBI and one run Sunday against the Angels.
Aug 30LAA41303000
Aug 29: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-4 with a double, an RBI and two runs scored in an 8-3 win over the Angels on Saturday.
Aug 29LAA42201000
Aug 28LAA40101000
Aug 26MIL50100010
Aug 25MIL50101020
Aug 24@CHC30101001
Aug 23: Carlos Santana
Santana went 1-for-4 with a two-run homer in Sunday's victory over the Yankees.
Aug 23@NYY41112100
Aug 22@NYY30000110
Aug 21@NYY52112020
Aug 20@NYY21000210
Aug 19@BOS40000010
Aug 18@BOS40100010
Aug 17@BOS52211020
Aug 16@MIN40100000
Aug 15@MIN31100100
Aug 14@MIN50000010
Aug 13NYY40201101
Aug 12NYY41200010
Aug 11NYY50102110
Aug 09MIN30102000
Aug 08MIN41101210
Aug 07MIN21001300
Aug 05@LAA30000100
Aug 04@LAA50000020
Aug 03@LAA40201020
Aug 02@OAK40100020
Aug 01@OAK40000010
Jul 31@OAK40100010
Jul 30@OAK31112120
Jul 29KC31100200
Jul 28KC30100111
Jul 27KC41111010
Jul 26CWS40100020
Jul 25CWS41100010
Jul 24CWS30000010
Jul 23CWS40000020
Jul 22: Carlos Santana
Santana went 2-for-3 with a double, two walks and an RBI against Milwaukee on Wednesday.
Jul 22@MIL30201200
Jul 21@MIL20100210
Jul 19@CIN50000010
Jul 18@CIN32201201
Jul 17@CIN40101000
Jul 12OAK30000000
Jul 11OAK41212001
Jul 10OAK31200101
Jul 09HOU30201100
Jul 08HOU30001100
Jul 07HOU30200010
Jul 06HOU41100020
Jul 05@PIT21000100
Jul 04@PIT30000000
Jul 03: Carlos Santana
Santana, who received didn't start Friday, will be back in the lineup Saturday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.
Jul 03@PIT10000010
Jul 03: Carlos Santana
Santana is out of the lineup Friday.
Jul 02@TB40000020
Jul 01@TB32100110
Jun 30@TB31100110
Jun 29@TB40100120
Jun 28@BAL40000000
Jun 28@BAL40000010
Jun 26@BAL41111010
Jun 24DET41202110
Jun 23DET40100010
Jun 22DET40100000
Jun 21TB30000000
Jun 20TB30100110
Jun 19TB40000010
Jun 18CHC40000030
Jun 17CHC30000110
Jun 17: Carlos Santana
Santana homered and knocked in four in Tuesday's win over the Cubs.
Jun 16@CHC31214200
Jun 14@DET40000010
Jun 13@DET41111120
Jun 12@DET40000010
Jun 11SEA40000010
Jun 10SEA40100110
Jun 09SEA40100000
Jun 07BAL40000110
Jun 06BAL31101100
Jun 05BAL20000200
Jun 04@KC41200020
Jun 03@KC40100000
Jun 02@KC30100100
May 31@SEA50200201
May 31: Carlos Santana
Santana will bat second for the Indians in his return to the lineup Sunday, Jordan Bastian of MLB.com reports.
May 29: Carlos Santana
Santana (personal) is expected to rejoin the Indians on Sunday, Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.
May 27TEX32113200
May 26TEX30000100
May 25TEX32111210
May 24CIN51201010
May 23CIN30100110
May 22CIN50101000
May 21@CWS41001110
May 16@TEX40001110
May 15@TEX50000020
May 14STL40000010
May 13STL11000400
May 12STL50200030
May 10MIN41203010
May 09MIN50000000
May 08MIN41101000
May 07@KC32111110
May 06@KC32101120
May 05@KC31000110
May 03TOR21201300
May 02TOR40001100
May 01TOR51100010
Apr 30TOR40100010
Apr 29KC10000300
Apr 28KC21100200
Apr 27KC40000000
Apr 26@DET32201100
Apr 25@DET30100100
Apr 24@DET33102200
Apr 22@CWS30000110
Apr 21@CWS31111101
Apr 20@CWS40000010
Apr 19@MIN41111000
Apr 18@MIN40100000
Apr 17@MIN50000011
Apr 15CWS40101010
Apr 14CWS30000110
Apr 12DET51201010
Apr 11DET32100210
Apr 10DET30202110
Apr 09@HOU30001220
Apr 08@HOU41111010
Apr 06@HOU30100110
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